Very simple procedure AUTOFILES takes chip tuning to a new level It has never been easier to get your tuning file adapted to your vehicle. No waiting time! Your tuning file is available almost in real time! We show you the four simple steps to the finished file.  
Your file will be ready within seconds!
Step 1

Create an account in the Autofiles portal

Before the optimization of your files can proceed, it is necessary to open an account on our portal. In a few steps you create your account for free and from now on you can immediately use our file service.
Step 2

Recharge credits

Due to existing SSL certificates we can offer you secure and serious recharges of the credits. Choose from numerous recognized payment methods such as credit card, PayPal or various other payment methods.
Step 3

Upload the standard software

After you have read the standard file from your vehicle, please send it to us via our file service. For your individual tuning file you can freely choose which optimizations and adjustments you want us to make. Pop & Pang, AdBlue aOff, EGR Off, DPF Off and Tuning files are just a few of the modifications we can offer
Step 4

In the twinkling of an eye to the
individualized tuning file

AUTOFILES takes care of the rest. All adjustments are made fully automatically in the best quality. The best: Already in a few moments the finished tuning file is available for you. Afterwards you can start the download and complete the payment quickly and easily with the purchased credits.