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          When it comes to tuning. You receive tuning solutions tailored to your vehicle at a fair price. And completely automated. This means that your optimized tuning file is ready for download just a few moments later.

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          It only takes a few minutes from registration to the finished file!
          Step by step to improve your performance!

          Bio-ethanol fuel E85

          At your request, we will make your vehicle fit for the bio-ethanol fuel E85. However, this does not have to be used with every tank unit, your vehicle will continue to run perfectly with SP85 or SP98.We do not make any physical changes to your vehicle in the process, so any optimisation to this effect is not verifiable. You can expect that the general changeover to E85 may increase your fuel consumption by up to 15 percent. Such a reprogramming is possible without any problems in the majority of vehicles. In a few cars, however, the injectors are too small to allow reprogramming. There are no negative effects on regular service and maintenance or on the service life of your vehicle.

          Our Experience iis the key

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          speak for AUTOFILES

          More power, more tractive force and as gently and cheaply as possible

          AUTOFILES makes it possible

          We have listened.
          With our fully automated file service, we set new standards in the tuning industry. In record time, AUTOFILES will provide you with an adapted file that harmonises 100 percent with your vehicle and brings out the best possible performance.

          Our software is not inferior to manual optimisation in any aspect. On the contrary: there are no errors in the adaptation or complications caused by employees.

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          for you

          You no longer have to wait for an employee to be available. Have your ECU file optimized - whenever and wherever you want.

          Don't waste any time! Your adapted tuning file is ready for download after a few seconds.


          The creation of AUTOFILES account is completely free of charge. If you are not satisfied with the result of our automatic file service,

          you do not have to download the file. Because only after that, the corresponding costs will be incurred.


          We want to deliver the best possible result to our customers. Therefore, our engineers

          check all modifications before they are released for file service. Thus, we can provide you with a quality.

          Exponential growth of your company
          Watch your company grow thanks to AUTOFILES.