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We strive to solve your questions or problems as quickly as possible, and in addition to our FAQs, we also offer other options for contacting us directly and easily.

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In our FAQs we deal with the most frequently asked questions that have come to us over the years. If your concern, suggestion or request differs from these, it is best to contact us directly.

Here we can absolutely reassure you. Without exception, all manufacturers leave a certain amount of leeway in the construction of their vehicles and do not fully utilize the possible performance of the components. We get this unused extra power out of the vehicle. So you don’t need to worry that our tuning will have a negative effect on the service life of engine, transmission and co.

Normally, you will receive a confirmation email from us within a few seconds. If this is not the case, first look for the sender Autofiles and check your spam or junk folder. If you absolutely cannot find the mail, please contact us.

Desired changes to your tuning file are always available free of charge through our fully automated solution. Credits are only due when you want to download and use the modified file. After completed purchase, this remains in their possession for life.

We have standard market prices and do not shy away from comparison with the competition. Accordingly, in principle, no discounts are provided. When purchasing larger numbers of credits, you will receive the usual volume discounts.

If you decided to purchase the ECU file modified by our system, you can download both the new and the original file.